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You’re here because you’re ready to start building professional, career-boosting websites or perhaps you would like to acquire a new highly valuable set of skills. Either way this is the course for you!

Welcome to The Complete Web Developer Course-Build The Next Big Thing

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an innovator, the next Mark Zuckerberg or the next big startup just waiting to happen, here you’ll find everything you need to get up and coding. In this course, you will learn the advance of coding.

From zero to a hundred in a month.

What else makes my course different? It’ll take you from beginner to expert in just 3 months!  We will only teach you what you need to know and nothing more. We know that your time is precious to you and that you want to get up and running as soon as possible. We designed this course to do just that!

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What else will you get?

  • A friendly, informal community to support you every step of the way
  • Lifetime support
  • Hands-on learning to lock that knowledge in
  • A deep understanding of how to code, design and build powerful web application
  • Live project at LAB

Stop waste time learning from out-of-date books, clunky and expensive online courses and YouTube videos! Learn the smart way with industry leader.

What are the requirements?

  • You need to know basic web design knowledge to begin.
  • Have a computer with Internet
  • Be ready to learn an insane amount of awesome stuff

What am I going to get from this course?

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for PHP coders who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. If you’re a developer who lives in the real world of shared hosting accounts and clients with deadlines, and if you’re tired of ponderously large and thoroughly undocumented frameworks, then CodeIgniter might be a good fit.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is perfect for beginners with basic programming knowledge.
  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn about web development, regardless of previous experience
  • If you want to take ONE COURSE to learn everything you need to know about web development or web application development, take this course

Course Outline:

PHP Basic

  • PHP, PHP Statement, PHP Operator, Variable, PHP Constant, PHP Data Type etc.
  • PHP Functions, PHP Parameters, PHP Argument, PHP Advance Variables

PHP Statement & Loop

  • PHP Conditional Statement
  • PHP loop

PHP Arrays, Array Functions, Strings and Numbers

  • PHP Arrays, PHP Array Functions,PHP Strings
  • Number Manipulation with PHP

PHP Date Time and RegEx

  • PHP working with dates and times,
  • Working With PHP Regular Expression

PHP – MySQL, Working with Form

  • PHP with MySQL,
  • Working with Forms

File Operations

  • Deleting file, Uploading files, Downloading files


  • Register session variable
  • Creating a cookie.

PHP Security and Exceptions

  • Introduction to PHP Security,
  • Sanitize and Validate Data with PHP Filters,
  • Exceptions Handling with PHP

PHP Object Oriented Programming

  • PHP OOP – Creating Classes and Objects
  • PHP OOP – Constructor Method
  • PHP OOP – Accessor and Destructor methods
  • PHP OOP – Constants, Static Properties and Methods
  • PHP OOP – inheritance, class extends
  • PHP OOP – Final Classes and Methods
  • Magic Methods __get, __set, __call, __toString
  • PHP OOP – Abstract classes
  • PHP OOP – Interfaces
  • PHP Method Chaining

Database & Query

  • General Concept of Database,
  • Database Architecture,
  • Creating a Database,
  • Creating a Table,
  • Drop Tables,
  • Data type,
  • Database relationship

Advanced Database & Query

  • Mysql Select,
  • Mysql Insert,
  • Mysql Where,
  • Mysql Orderby,
  • Mysql Update,
  • Mysql Delete,
  • Like Clause,
  • Sorting Results,
  • Using Join,
  • NULL Values,
  • Regular Expresssions,
  • Database Export,
  • Database Import

PHP Framework:

•       Advantage of using Framework

•       Introducing PHP Framework (CodeIgniter)

•       Lecture on PHP Framework with Example

MVC Pattern & Advanced Framework Templating:

•       Understanding MVC Model

•       Create Function In Controller Class

•       Understanding Framework Templating

Client Side & Server Side Validation:

•        Implement JavaScript Client side validation

•        Implement Server side Validation

Advanced Database with Session:

•       Active Record Class

o   Selecting Data

o   Method Chaining

Session & Email system:

•        Session

•        Email system

DB Normalization & Query:

•       Active Record Class:

o   Deleting Data

o   Updating Data

•       Database Normalization

DB Normalization & Query:

•       Database relationship

•       Database Model Description

Advanced PHP Framework:

•        Basic database design concept

•        Methods & Classes

•        Cookie

File Upload & Emailing:

•        Understanding File Upload Class

•        Understanding CodeIgniter Email Class

TinyMce Editor & Searching:

•        TinyMce Editor in CodeIgniter Framework

•        Understanding database Searching

CI Framework Reporting:

•        Implementing PieChart

•        Implementing VarticalBarChart

SSL and Online Payment Method:

•        Secure path SSL

•         PayPal Standard


Ajax Basics:

•        HTTP Request and Response Fundamentals

•        The XMLHttpRequest Object

•         XMLHttpRequest Methods

•         XMLHttpRequest Properties

•         Cross-Browser Usage

•         Sending a Request to the Server

•         Basic Ajax Example

Ajax with server side scripting language:

•        Bringing in the Ajax: GET vs. POST

•        Passing Values

•        Client-Driven Communication, Server-Side Processing

•        Expanding and Contracting Content

•        Auto-Complete

•        Form Validation

jQuery Basics with Example & Selectors:

•         About jQuery

•         How jQuery Works

o jQuery: The Basics

o Launching Code and Complete Examples

•         Using selectors and events

•         Selectors

o Basics & Hierarchy

o Basic, Content, Visibility, Attribute & Child Filters

o Forms & Form Filters


Building PHP Real life Applications (Advance)

PHP 7 & MariaDB 10.0 (Mysql 5.6+)


  • Overview

  • Planing

    • Concept,
    • Design,
    • Considerations,
    • Preparations
    • Using Composer
    • IDE


  • Advanced PHP OOP

    • Namespaces
    • Inheritance
    • Interfaces & Abstract Classes
    • Overloading & Magic Methods
  • SPL (Standard PHP Library)

    • Iterators
    • Interfaces
  • XML

    • Reading & Writing XML with SimpleXML
    • XPath
  • JSON encoding and decoding.

  • Web Services & APIs

    • SOAP
    • REST
  • Anonymous functions, and Closures

  • Mail
  • Export PDF,CSV
  • DateTime & Timezones

  • Regular Expressions

    • Server Side Opcode caching
    • Server Side Caching Types & Schemes
  • Browser Side Performance

  • Best Practices

  • Performance & Scaling

MySQL – Expert

  • Designing Professional Database
  • Multi-level Queries
  • Stored Procedures

Server Side Shell Scripting Linux

  • Basic Bash Shell Script Using PHP