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Course Description and Career Prospects

Based on the Oracle database server, this course trains you on both server-side and front-end of database and applications. It also includes content on database administration techniques. The course prepares you for the following career positions:  Database Programmer  Database Developer  Database Support Executive  System Analyst  Database Application Tester

Our Oracle 11G training course will help you achieved the degree of experience and success to expand your career. Our training will help you demonstrate your expertise in managing a large-scale Oracle database or developing applications used throughout a company. This credential is seen as a way to move on to senior-level positions.












Why Oracle Database?

Oracle is the leader in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), unifying Performance Management and Business Intelligence (BI), supporting a broad range of strategic, financial and operational management processes. Oracle provides a complete and integrated system for managing and optimizing enterprise-wide performance. This allows organizations to achieve a state of management excellence – being smart, agile and aligned – which provides competitive advantage and leverages their operational investments.







Introducing Oracle

  • What is oracle?
  • What is database?
  • What is relational database?
  • SQL and PL/SQL


Installation and Configuration

  • Installing and configuring Oracle forms 6i
  • Installing and configuring Oracle 10g Database
  • DBA
  • Create user
  • Delete user


Oracle Privileges and Roles

  • What is Privilege?
  • Types of privileges?
  • What is Role?
  • Create Roles
  • Controlling User Access



  • Introduction
  • Create Table
  • Columns
  • Data types
  • Creating View, Index


Operators and Functions

  • What is operator?
  • Types of operator
  • What is Function?
  • Types of Function
  • Using Operators and Functions is in SQL statement


  • Introduction of PL/SQL
  • Basic Syntax of PL/SQL
  • Declaring PL/SQL Variables
  • Writing Executable Statement
  • Control Structure
  • Stored Procedure
  • User Define Function
  • Creating Triggers


Oracle Developer 6i

  • Introduction of Oracle Forms 6i
  • Creating a Form
  • Adding form trigger
  • Compiling a form
  • Run a Form


Menu and Sub Menu

  • Menu Definition
  • Creating Menu
  • Adding Sub-Menu
  • Adding PL/SQL code in Menu item
  • Adding Forms in Menu


Oracle Developer Reports 6i

  • Introduction of Report 6i
  • Connecting to Database
  • Creating Query
  • Designing Report
  • Using Reports Tools
  • Creating Report Parameter
  • Column Mapping
  • Create a Tabular Report


Project (Simple Stock Management System)

  • Create and write business logics
  • Design Database
  • Create Forms (include Master Details Forms)
  • Create Reports (include Master Details Reports)
  • Add stock closing process