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Python Programming for Web Application

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This course will cover the basic to advance and deployment of Python and build Web application using the python.
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by Wasi Mohammed Abdullah
Fee: ৳ 14,000 ৳ 9,800
3 Months
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Course Description


There are many high-level languages. Python is one of the easiest languages to learn and use, while at the same time being very powerful. It is used by many of the most highly productive professional programmers. A few of the places that use Python extensively are Google, the New York Stock Exchange, Industrial Light and Magic. Python is used in different types of domains such as Big Data, Data Analysis, Rich Web and Internet Development, Game and 3D Graphics, Software Development, Database Access and so on.

Some Important Points in This Course:

This course will cover the installation, configuration, development and deployment of Python Programming Language and build Web Sites using the python. About 50% of the time will be instructor presentation and about 50% will be hands on labs.

Who can attend?

Python is widely used in a diverse range of works, from web, to network, to application. Due to its diversity, it is as helpful for fresh graduates, as it is to an experienced. Python has a range of libraries, very suitable for data analysis and plotting, therefore people working in the field of statistics and data analytics can be greatly benefitted from the course. Also, with the advantage of easy syntax, fresh graduates usually find it easy to learn. Along with the programming knowledge, this segment of participants will gain an insight on the technologies used in real life. Having knowledge in programming language is preferable but not mandatory.

Key Features

Learn to Design and develop web application in python.

Learn to design database with proper planning and documentation.

Learn to do object oriented programming, network programming, XML programming,

Use different types of APIs and web services, unit testing, parser programming.

Very helpful for people working in the field of data analysis, Web mapping

Learn to Design Principle, Version control, Project Management Method for Professional Work.

Course Details

This course will cover the installation, configuration, development and deployment of Python Programming Language and build Web application using the python. About 50% of the time will be instructor presentation and about 50% will be hands on labs.


1 Getting started
2 Python language basics
3 Python OOP
4 Building a real world Application
5 Packaging and Deploying
6 Future


Getting started

1 Installing Python

Testing the environment

Installing pip

Installing virtualenv

Setting up a virtual environment

Using virtual environment


Python language basics

1 Using numbers, mathematics. Using variables. Various operations with variables

Numerical operations


Operators and variables

2 Strings

String operations

Conversion of types

User input

Interactive scripts

3 Functions

Declaring functions


Variable number of arguments



4 If condition

Else condition


5 Loops

For loops

While loops


Writing to a file

Reading from a file

Modifying / Updating a file

6 Lists








Python OOP

1 Object orientation




Special methods

Class variables

2 Inheritance



Web programming

1 Difference between normal programming and web programming

Elements of a web application

Role of Python in web applications

Introduction to frameworks

2 Benefits of using a framework

Introduction to Flask

Installing Flask

Understanding Flask directory structure

Writing the first Flask application

Dissecting Flask application workflow

3 A simple web application in Flask

Navigation using Links / Menus

User input using Forms

Interactive web pages

4 Connecting to a Database

Inserting data into Database

Updating data

Deleting from Database

5 User sessions

Building a login form

Checking user existence in Database

Logging a user into the application

Logging a user out of the application

Personalized web pages


Building a real world Application

6 Concept of Application

Understanding application requirements

Initial application structure

Building our first Template

7 Building a template layout system

Understanding template directives

Integrating CSS stylesheets

Integrating Javascript

Building project homepage

8 Implementing a menu system

Building a login form

Detecting user types

Showing personalized content

9 Building a table

Populating table with data

Paginating table for better user experience

10 Building a data entry form

Processing data entry form

Creating models

11 Building a model update form

Processing model form

Updating model data

12 Building an accounting dashboard

Populating dashboard with data


Packaging and Deploying

1 Packaging the project

Declaring module requirements

Writing a setup script

Setting up a deployment server


Deployment alternatives



1 Deploying project as a module

More framework choices

Integrating advanced libraries

Open source contribution

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